The elves exiled me for my obsession with the human. And now that I have my pet, I'm never letting her go.

My assignment is to protect these woods from human interference. It's a nice way of saying, Santa Claus has no use for you on his team anymore. That's fine with me. Making toys all year long for the big boss is infinitely boring. If I can't have Clara, I'm content to be alone, existing on the fringes between my magical world and her earthly one. But what's this? Destiny has given me an unexpected gift, in the prettiest package of all. Clara is here, in the flesh, trespassing in my woods. I've got my own naughty list and there's just one name on it. Let's see if the human can earn her spot on the nice list.


One more online date, and then I'm done with men for good.

I thought a friendly first date at the Christmas tree farm would be fun. Trees, snow, hot cocoa...what could go wrong? But tromping into the off-limits, pristine woods with an ax is NOT part of the plan. Who does this guy think he is? I'm ready to ditch this dude and go back to the farm for some solo holiday fun...until I come face to face with the real danger in these woods. I thought elves were a myth. But turns out? They're real. This mystical creature is tall, terrifyingly beautiful, and not at all what I imagined friends of Santa Claus to look like. And this one? Very protective, very territorial, and extremely not interested in letting me leave these woods. I might not be opening gifts around the tree this year, but I think a very different type of package is waiting for me.

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