How can the dream of a lifetime of service as a Navy SEAL be over when one mission goes straight to Hell? How do you handle being told your future is over and you’re half the man you were? After dedicating his life to the Navy SEALs, a devastated Ollie wakes up in a military hospital only to be told his career is over. Shattered, he struggles for answers with no explanation or solace for those men lost. Dismissed and sent home to recover from his injuries and restart his life, Ollie goes to the one person who always has his back, Onyx his sister.

Watching Ollie deteriorate, Onyx calls a college friend, whose husband owns a company that employs service people, concentrating on those cut loose for whatever reason. A flight to North Carolina may be Ollie’s only chance to find himself not only a new start but also the tools necessary to move forward.

Paisley gave it her all but after her last relationship almost killed her, literally, her passion is now focused on her veterinary clinic and the small rescue shelter for unwanted animals she started.

Desperate for help, Ollie stumbles on the town vet. When their eyes meet for the first time, he feels like a bolt of electricity runs through him. Something about the tiny pixie draws his interest and the more time they spend together the more he wants.

When push comes to shove, can Ollie and Paisley survive beyond the difficulties in their lives to come together, or will their future be overshadowed forever? 

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